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Our new Internet site will provide Veterinary information for Victoria, Texas & surrounding areas

The main purpose of this site is to (1) list all of the Veterinary facilities in our area (2) to provide in-depth information for each Veterinarians who participates in our fee based one stop Veterinary Connection Program (VCP). (3) To list services provided, name and type of products offered (4) Any and all information relevant to their practices.


The Links:

If any of the Veterinarians wish to be included in our fee based program we will supply 2 additional pages dedicated to their practice, Otherwise their name and telephone number will appear here for no charge. We will also supply links to their web site if they have one.



The following is a listing of Veterinarians as listed in the current phone book for Victoria, Texas

  • Clinton D. Barrett 3804 Houston Hwy Victoria 361-575-3692
  • John Beck Victoria 4001 John Stockbauer 361-573-6131
  • Sandra L Cochran Victoria 361-578-9050
  • Tom Culberson 5009 County Club Dr. Victoria 361-573-2491
  • Randy Froehlich 2706 Sam Houston Dr. Victoria 361-573-3200
  • David Hanselka Victoria 361-572-4659
  • Bob Horton 11447 US Hwy 87 North Victoria 361-572-4397
  • T H Moscatelli 4452 SW Moody Bus 59 S. Victoria 361-578-2934
  • E. Phillips Jr 2595 Lower Mission Valley Rd. Victoria 361-573-4180
  • Travis Schaar 2306 N Main St Victoria 361-578-4854
  • Authur B Schomburg 2706 Sam Houston Dr. Victoria 361-573-3200
  • Lee Zeplin 13788 US Hwy 77 N Victoria 361-570-7297


Surrounding area Lists

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